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Prakashan:Surya Prakashan Mandir

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Border Security Force, one of the most unsung Security Organizations of India has long lived under shadows of Indian Army. Majority of Indian population feels that Indian Army guards the Frontiers of Nation and BSF is an appendage to it. However, BSF is an independent entity under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India and has been entasked to guard volatile Indo-Pak Borders and porous Indo Bangladesh Borders. The force personnel of BSF have no peace posting and remain deployed on one border or the other, away from family for most part of year and communicating with them indirectly. The unsung heroes of this force deployed on extreme frontiers of nation, which are remote, inaccessible, incommunicado, braving hostile terrain and harsh climatic conditions are one of the best soldiers in world. In most of the borders, BSF personnel are the only face of the Government for border population. Therefore, a BSF soldier is responsible not only to guard the frontiers 24x7 under fear of unknown but also to redress grievances of border population and provide them succor at time of need. The BSF soldier is trained not only to be physically tough but also to be mentally robust, emotionally stable and have endurance enough to bear stress and strain of leading monotonous and isolated life at borders. Government of India has well looked after interests of BSF personnel, but a life away from family and children haunts the force personnel. The nature of deployment is such that a BSF person do not remain in constant communication with his wife and children and rarely visits home. With disintegration creeping in society, break-up of joint families and adoption of concept of nuclear family, the problems of BSF personnel on domestic front has increased manifold. There is constant worry about the security of wife and children, their upbringing, their education and their well-being. It is said that more often then not, a BSF soldier enjoys honeymoon every year and sees only vertical growth of children. Reason being, the BSF person visits his family once or twice in a year and by the time he adjusts to the family environment, it is time to go back to duty on border. Page 3 In this age and time, the children are exposed to the internet age and more or less have become global citizens. These empowered teenage children think that their parents are of stone-age and know nothing about the worldly affairs. Wife of a BSF soldier has huge task of bringing up children alone and is always in dilemma whether she is doing best for her children and meeting aspirations of husband. The author is blessed with two daughters of which one is in teenage and second is ardent follower of elder one. The teenage daughter has natural rebellious streak in her and is always in argument with her mother on almost every subject. The author not in direct communication with family by virtue of deployment at border and remains in catch 22 situation, whether to entertain complaints of mother or to listen to bright futuristic ideas of daughter, as and when he communicates with them. To bridge the communication gap, Author writes letters to his daughter from border on different subjects and whenever he gets connected to net, sends same through whatsapp to his daughter. Over a period of time, Author has realized that these letters on whatsapp have made positive impact on overall conduct of his daughter and did change her psychology to a large extent. The book is a tribute to all BSF personnel deployed on border away from family and is also means of sharing of experience about guidance to teenage children in a deliberate and calibrated manner. ARVIND GHILDIYAL COMMANDANT